Daimler Double six Brougham -Royal Garnet 1926 - 1930

Announced 15 October 1926 and observed by the Observer’s

Motoring Correspondent to be Britian’s first Twelve- Cylinder car engine.



The Ford Model A (also colloquially called the A-Model Ford or the A, and A-bone among rodders and customizers)[3] was the Ford Motor Company's second market success after its predecessor, the Model T. First produced on October 20, 1927, but not introduced until December 2,[4] it replaced the venerable Model T, which had been produced for 18 years. This new Model A (a previous model had used the name in 1903–04) was designated a 1928 model and was available in four standard colors.

A very early Ford  MKI

           Called the


"Yabba Dabba Doo!"





    About 40,000 years ago

The Cadillac V-16 was distinguished by its pioneering V-16 engine, a narrow 45° V angle OHV Series 452 displacing 452 cu in (7.4 L).

Upon its introduction the new car attracted rave reviews from the press and huge public attention. January production averaged a couple of cars per day, then ramped up to twenty-two. By April, 1,000 units had been built, and by June, 2,000 cars.

        Ford Zodiac MK IV

In April 1962 Ford replaced the Consul/Zephyr/ Zodiac range with a dramatically restyled model although sharing some of its mechanical components, as well as the basic chassis design, with the Mark II models. Rather than continue the Consul name, Ford UK decided to call its replacement Zephyr.

The second incarnation of the Cortina was designed by Roy Haynes, and launched on 18 October 1966,[12] four years after the original Cortina. It had some styling elements in common with the third generation US Ford Falcon. Although the launch was accompanied by the slogan "New Cortina is more Cortina", the car.

                                  The Morris Minor  Woody  Wagon

An all-time classic with exceptional build quality and a reliable engine. A car that looks like no other and really stands out from the crowd with interesting design features and a fun look. I’d buy a Morris Minor Traveller.

Guy Hardie donated a much bigger scale model when he visited the collection two years ago’