Ferrari Testa Rossa  1958

Racing sports car build by Ferrari from 1957 to 1961.It was introduced at the end of the 1957 racing season in response to rule changes that enforced a maximum engine displacement of 3 liters ffor the 24 Hours of Le Mans and World Sports Car Championship races.


Ferrari 348

The Farrari 348 (Type F119 ) is a mid-engine v8 - powered 2-seat sports car produced by Italian automaker Ferrari,

Replacing the 328 in 1989 and continuing until 1995.It was the final V8 model developed under the direction of ENZO FERRARI before his death,commissioned to production posthumously.

The Ferrari 550 Maranello ( F133 ) is a front-engine V12 2-seat grand tourer built by Ferrari from 1996 to 2001.

The 550 Maranello marked Ferrari’s return to a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout for it’s 2-seater 12 cylinder model.

550 Maranello

The Ferrrari 641 was the formula one racing car with which the Ferrari team competed in the 1990 Formula One World Championship. Driven BY Alun Prost and Nigel Mansell, it won six races.


Enzo Ferrari led a full and exciting life. Born in Modena in 1898 he would build one of the most successful sports cars companies, and racing teams, in the world.

Enzo Ferrari led a fascinating life and went on to lead a successful racing career as well as build one of the best-loved sports car companies in the world. He would also set up and run one of the most successful racing championship teams ever known.

Not bad for the son of a metal worker from Modena in Italy.

Enzo Ferrari had one son, Alfredino, or "Dino" for short who was born in 1932

Dino was groomed to be Enzo's successor but he would never live long enough.

Dino tragically died of muscular dystrophy and the tender age of 24 in 1956.

Enzo was devastated by the loss of his son and would, by all accounts, visit his grave as often as he could. In life, "Dino" had suggested developing a 1.5-liter DOHV V6 Engine for F2 cars.

After his death, Enzo dedicated the Dino series of road and racing cars to the memory of his son using the V-6 engine he suggested.

Enzo did have another illegitimate son, Piero, with his mistress Lina Lardi in 1945. He would later become vice-president of the Ferrari company.

As of 2015, Piero had an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion.